Hotel Impossible: West Coast Wipe Out

Hotel Impossible: West Coast Wipe out. Many people are not aware that The Oceana Boutique Hotel was on TV. In November 2016 crews for the hit television series, Hotel Impossible set foot in San Clemente, California. The T.V show hosted by hotel guru Anthony Melchiorri comes to certain hotels all around the United States. Giving his advice and consulting with the owners to help improve their hotel. The Oceana Boutique Hotel once called The Algodon Motel desperately needed guidance. With the owner of the hotel passing away, Roxy’s family took control and started to run the hotel in honor of her. With many different trials and hardships, fixing the hotel has been a hard task to complete. With the help of Anthony the owners got steered into the right direction. Given the guidance and inspiration needed the owners have processed what they learned. Ready to apply the knowledge they have gained they became more motivated. Determined to start upgrading the property and units they made a plan and set some goals. A year later the hotel is still under renovation but have made significant progress. While still remaining in business and flourishing as a whole. The Oceana team as put forth effort to help grow the business. With increasing the quality of the units and the overall experience our guest have. The Oceana Boutique Hotel is starting to rise out of the ashes. Making it an enjoyable place for people to come and stay. We have people from all over the world coming to our hotel. San Clemente is popular for it’s beautiful beaches and fun cool vibes it gives any visitors. The Oceana Boutique Hotel is walking distance from all the fabulous restaurants, bars and shops. Check out the episode on the Travel Channel Season 8 Episode 12: West Coast Wipe Out.

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